Custom Eyelash Packaging with MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity) of 20

Custom Eyelash Packaging with MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity) of 20

Last time,we have introduced one of the advantages of clear circle eyelash cases ,which is has no MOQ.However, for some lashes seller who are not interested in circle case,the rectangular,square or diamond shape lash packaging boxes with MOQ of 60 may be a lot.

Therefore,Etude Lashes listen to customer suggestions,choose three best-selling boxes. As long as the order quantity reaches 20,customers could customize box(print business name).

Custom Lash Box#1 is black outside and gold glitter inside,which looks very luxury.

Custom Eyelash Box#2 is white outside and rose gold glitter inside .With a clear window,the beautiful 3d mink lashes,20mm mink lashes,22mm mink strip lashes and 25 mm mink lashes could be showed directly.

Custom Lash Box#3 could refract out 7 fingers which color under the light,which makes #3 more attractive.

The video also gives a detailed display of these 3 custom lash boxes with MOQ of 20,welcome watching.

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