How to Start Your Own Mink Eyelashes Business

How to Start Your Own Mink Eyelashes Business

Welcome to Etude Lashes,we are professional mink lashes vendor specialize in 100% purely Seberian mink lashes.These lashes look real and natural.

  • Material:Seberian mink fur
  • MOQ:1
  • Price:$3.5-8 each pair
  • Main Market:America,Europe and Middle East

  • Essential for Creating a New Mink Lashes Brand

    What’s essential for a brand?    –Definitely quality

    The pictures show our new design,25mm mink lashes.Our lashes have 4-8 lays and look fuller and thicker.Once your customer see them,they will get addicted and purchanse them.

    One-Stop Service

    Except exquisite mink lashes,we also provide customized boxes.

    We could design the box as you like,to change the color,print your logo and slogan.

    Other Necessities

    We also sell some necessities related to eyelashes.

    Start your eyelashes business from here.

  • WHATSAPP:+86 17864286672
  • INS:zhangarianna
  • EMIAL:

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