About US Dollar Custom Eyelash Packaging

About US Dollar Custom Eyelash Packaging

Etude lashes are best eyelash vendors and custom eyelash packaging vendors in China.

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Here you can find the eyelash packaging box that suits you best and the eyelashes that suit you best. We will continue to update our products and make ourselves at the forefront of innovation.
Today I will introduce our latest custom lash packaging. US dollar custom lash box.

The US dollar box does not mean that the box is made of US dollars, but that the inside of the box  are printed with US dollars. The box is very luxurious and popular.
There are three main types of our boxes. The first one is a pink dollar box, very full of girlish hearts, the outside of the box is a pink dollar pattern, inside the box is a pink star flash paper.

custom eyelash packaging usa



eyelash packaging

The second is the normal dollar color, which is in the color of rose gold. Most people like the color, the inner edge of the box is made of gold sequined paper, and the bottom is made of rose gold star flash paper.

eyelash packaging box


wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

The third type is the style that was popular at the beginning. The appearance is the arrangement of the dollar, and the inside is big red. Very crazy.

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If you like our new custom eyelash box, please contact us, our custom eyelash packaging only requires 30 . If you have more ideas, we will also customize the eyelash box you like. So if you don’t have a good eyelash packaging vendor yet. We will be your best choose

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