All that stuff about eyelashes

All that stuff about eyelashes

The seller notice

As a seller, you have to know a little bit of common sense.

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The eyelash of choose and buy, what is qualitative?

ETUDE lashes 100% natural Siberian mink eyelashes, and 100% handmade eyelashes

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What is the material of the eyelash stalk?Is it comfortable to wear?Is it hard or soft?

ETUDE lashes have cotton eyelash terrier, very soft and comfortable to wear

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What is the binding material of eyelash stalk and eyelash?What glue is used?What is glue made of?

ETUDE lashes use super strong glue, glue using natural materials


How should the daily nurse of eyelash do?

ETUDE lashes can clean in the water,and can use 30-35times

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