Are Lashes Reusable?

Are Lashes Reusable?

Well ,it depends , and many 3D Mink Lashes Vendor 25mm lashes vendor etude lashes Are Lashes Reusable? said they reuse untill 20X-30X , Is that right ?Are-Mink-lashes-reusable

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In fact , many strip Lashes can reuse in a good care and proper way.But there are some difference for the Eyelash , so will fall down the mink hair , and some are not , so that’s the point to distinguish the best lashes and bad lashes.Handmade Mink Eyelashes Manufacturers

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If the glue and mink fur are all the best quality , and that will be reused about 30 times , and you should take care of the Lashes .

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How to take good care of the Eyelash Vendors etude lashes?

When you go to bed , you should take off the Mink Eyelash ,and put it on your Eyelash Holder. And if it is dirty ,you should put it into the warm water and wash it .Don’t worry to break it , and the best lashes will be cleaned without any damage.Mink Eyelash Wholesale Distributor Usa

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When you finish to wash the lashes , you can dry it by soft paper or hair dryer.And the you can put it on the box or Lashes Case.Also different material different appearance.Some bad lashes you can not wash them and when you take it off , you can not wash them and just put it on your box .

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When you wash the bad lashes , you will destroy the shape of the lashes ,and when you apply them on again , they will lose the 3D effect.So etude Lashes advice you buy Luxury Lashes from the Best Lashes Vendor.

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