Do you know how difficult it is to customize eyelash packaging boxes?

Do you know how difficult it is to customize eyelash packaging boxes?

Customize 30 eyelash packaging boxes privately? Are you kidding me? No packaging factory can accept such a small order! If necessary, the minimum order is 100 and the construction period is 15 days?” This is for all 2 years ago The answer to the consultation of the designer of the eyelashes paper box factory! Now, thanks to the etude Lash supplier, all of this has changed.

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In 2019, etude Lashes invested heavily to establish its own eyelash packaging factory, introduced advanced laser printing equipment, equipped with 3 experienced designers, and established a strong eyelash packaging box database. Production started in June, the minimum order quantity for the official advertisement is only 30 pieces, and the production time is only 5 days! This has brought great convenience to American eyelashes dealers, and helped thousands of mink eyelashes dealers to establish their own branded eyelash business!

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Since etude Lashes began to support a small number of customized packaging box orders, the business volume has increased significantly. At peak times, only 5 designers are not enough. During this period, the designer had to extend the production time to 8 days because the designer could not complete the design drawings in the shortest time and let the customer confirm it.

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The e-commerce environment is improving. Many American girls have started their own branded eyelash business. They received great support from etude Lashes. They like the innovative eyelash supplier of etude Lashes, and they keep buying more fashionable and stylish 3D mink eyelashes from here. Fashionable mink eyelashes and custom eyelashes packaging box!

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