How to judge the quality of mink eyelashes?

How to judge the quality of mink eyelashes?

First, look at the structure of the eyelashes.

The shape of good wholesale mink 3d lashes is designed by the most professional designers in the world according to the structure of the flower and shapes the eyelashes more beautifully according to people’s eyes and face shapes.《why-ivoire-lashes-only-produces-mink-eyelashes/ 》mink lashes wholesale

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Second, take a look at your eyelashes.

There is no sharp hair on your lower eyelashes. If they are made of poor-quality raw materials, these raw materials are very cheap and not selected. Secondly, the work of the workers is very poor. Due to the unfamiliar operation of the workers, the hair was damaged in the process of placing the hair, so they continued to use it. The lower eyelashes have not yet passed the quality inspection in the market.

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However, our high-end eyelash materials are selected one by one by our workers. The tips of the hair are very sharp and perfect. After our workers produce eyelashes, they have to pass strict quality inspections. Quality inspections are not allowed when they leave the china fake mink eyelash factory

Third, look at the density of eyelashes

Good handmade mink eyelashes are very fluffy, soft, and the density is very uniform, and the density pattern is more perfect. However, poor quality eyelashes have different density and structure, which makes them look cheap.Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelash Vendor

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Fourth, look at the appearance of eyelashes

Only the high-end eyelashes look very beautiful, stylish, and very lifelike, giving a sense of luxury. The feel of high-end eyelashes is the key to luxury mink lashes, which makes women all over the world more beautiful, charming and confident.Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelash Vendor

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