How to save the transportation cost of wholesale 3D mink?

How to save the transportation cost of wholesale 3D mink?

When working with a Chinese false eyelash vendors, you can choose a variety of transportation methods, and wholesale 3D mink eyelashes vendors usually provide multiple inspection methods. These DHL FEDEX UPS EMS are all delivered by plane. You can also choose the way of boating.

《The most popular eyelash style》mink lash vendors wholesale

mink lash vendors wholesale

So which transportation method is right for you?Well, it depends on your time, package weight and profit.So which mode of transportation is the most convenient option?If you have ordered 10 pairs of eyelashes from a wholesale mink lashes vendors and want to get them within 3 days, you can choose express, such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, you should tell the eyelash supplier your detailed address, usually It costs 25 to 30 dollars, depending on weight and country/region.mink eyelash vendors wholesale

mink eyelash vendors wholesale

If you order 30 pairs of eyelashes, the shipping cost is the same as 10 pairs of eyelashes, because if the package is less than 0.5 kg, the shipping cost is the same. That’s it! When ordering, the weight of the eyelashes and customized packaging box should be calculated. If the volume of the eyelashes and the packaging box is less than 0.5kg, the correct number of eyelashes should be ordered until the packaging reaches 0.4kg, and the cost per eyelash will be the lowest. You will save more and get more from the right order.wholesale mink lashes and packagin

wholesale mink lashes and packagin

Therefore, if you order 10 pairs and your friend orders 30 pairs, then your friend’s extra 20 pairs of eyelashes will be free for shipping.Is that correct? If you have no time limit, you can also choose “China Post”, because of the trade issue between China and the US Bureau of Statistics, it takes 7-15 days, depending on it. But this is much cheaper than express delivery.

wholesale mink eyelash vendors

wholesale mink eyelash vendors

Moreover, if you are ordering in bulk and the packaging is very large, it may need to be shipped by sea, which takes a month, which is a bit long for you. Perhaps, when you receive the eyelashes, the new eyelashes will be pushed out, and your eyelashes will be out of date, not the latest.If you have an agent in China, we can let your agent carry out this business, and your agent will provide you with eyelashes and color boxes in a convenient way of transportation.mink lash wholesale vendor

mink lash wholesale vendor

Usually, your eyelash supplier will pay the shipping company’s shipping cost, but they don’t make a profit from the shipping cost. You can also pay for your account. After receiving the package, you will pay the shipping cost. Hope we can help you, for more detailed information, please feel free to contact us

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