how to test your lashes market?

how to test your lashes market?

1st Make a small order first.

You have no idea about the style , and quality, so you should make a small order first to test the quantity.

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2nd Send sample to your friend .

They will give the best real customer review . If they love the lashes ,they will tell you the truth and sent you a real feedback. And you will know which one they like , which one they don’t like. So you will know which style you should purchase again.

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Never make the bulk order before you test the quality and the market.

3rd Gather all the feedback data

You may find what you like your friend or customer won’t choose . so never judge by yourself. You should listen the market, and make different lashes to test the market, different people different taste.

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4th Post on your social media to test the style.

You can take a photo or video and post on your social media , people will leave comment, share it , like it,and dislike it . you can discuss with them , why they love this style which length lashes do they prefer? You will get your answer on how to make a correct purchase, and which style should you buy.《how-to-start-your-eyelash-business-with-tiktok/》

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This is the cheapest way and efficient way to test your market, you can pay attention to your social media if you want to do better with your mink lashes business line.

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