How To Wear 3D Mink Eyelashes Correctly?

How To Wear 3D Mink Eyelashes Correctly?

A young client named Candy came to consult me Lanvin Lashes,When I was wearing 3D Mink Eyelashes in the morning, my mother stopped me, because she said I was wearing eyelashes incorrectly. Could you tell me how to wear 25MM Mink Lashes correctly? I think so. If you don’t wear eyelashes correctly, it will affect the experience of using eyelashes. Then let me tell you the following procedure of fitting Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes correctly.

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1.First of all, you need to use the eyelash clipper to clip your eyelashes, because this can let your eyelashes and false eyelashes better match together!

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2.The second step, you need to use special tools, use eyelash tweezers to take eyelashes out of the eyelash packing box. Remember, you must use special tools, because if you take eyelashes out of the Eyelash Packaging Box directly with your hands, the eyes are more sensitive parts, and the hands are too dirty, which will easily let your eyes breed bacteria, and the occurrence of eye diseases begins here!

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3.Apply the glue evenly on the eyelashes you want to wear. Pay attention not to apply too much glue or too little glue, but the two ends of eyelashes can be smeared a little more. Don’t put it on your eyes immediately after applying the glue. You should blow gently with your mouth for 3 seconds to let the glue dry a little, so that the eyelashes will stick to your eyes more easily.

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4.The last step is to handle the details, use the eyeliner to fill the eyeliner to hide the false eyelash glue marks. This is a very important and important step. You can create a seamless makeup for you. The perfect eye makeup is finished.

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