How to wear eyelashes perfectly

How to wear eyelashes perfectly

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1. Trim the length

mink lashes wholesale

Clip this one pace is certain cannot little, do not naively think the false eyelash that buys and your eye are same long, did not resemble bingbing the sort of big eye or darling clip ~ need to be opposite only oneself eye to delimit, reduce redundant length next, remember the left and right sides should cut symmetrical!

2. Use the glue

mink lash glue 

This step of besmear glue looks be like simple, but want to divide two steps:

1. Both hands hold false eyelash both ends, break its radian gently, in order to fit the radian of the eye more.

2. Apply the glue evenly and appropriately to the root of false eyelashes, and pay attention not to apply it on the top, as the eyelashes posted are not natural enough.

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3.Put eyelashes on your eyes

eyelash tweezers
eyelash tweezers

This is the most critical, we will see a lot more clearly with the picture.

1. Pick up the false eyelashes with tweezers (middle section recommended) and gently place them on the root of the true eyelashes.

2. Gently press false eyelashes with tweezers and first fix the middle segment.

3. After the middle part is OK, gently press the eye head and eye end to conform. Pay attention to the gap between real and false eyelashes


3D mink lashes

                                                                                      After wearing success instantly become a charming baby



                                                                           Do not wear eyelashes will appear that the eyes are not god, not deep enough



Above is pure novice false eyelash knowledge & skill big literacy ~ firmly remember, slowly practice, will learn!

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