Introduction of Clear Circle Diamond Case for Lashes

Introduction of Clear Circle Diamond Case for Lashes

Clear circle diamond case– one of the hottest choices for beginners in lashes line.



Unlike other custom rectangular,square or diamond packaging box which has the MOQ of 60,this circle case has no MOQ,even order 1 piece is ok. For the beginners who want to start own lashes business,at the beginning,the cost for custom  mink lashes packaging box may be too high.This case is affordable for all the beginners.

Diverse choices in color. 

As the pic shows,there are many other color to choose,you could even use different colors to help distinguish different styles.

In addition ,this case is enough to put different size of lashes in,whether regular mink lashes,15mm mink lashes,20mm DM mink lashes,or 25  mink strip lashes,the space is enough.

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Custom Private Labeling

Etude lashes,as  a wholesale 100% mink lashes vendor is committing to provide high quality service. We could help make stickers according to your logo and paint them on the case,which would help to establish your own mink lashes brand.

And,if you are not interested in this clear round diamond case,I recommend a  video of glitter rectangular box,it is also a good choice.

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