Latex-Free Glue for Mink Eyelashes -Medical Grade


  • latex-free

  • adhesive time:5~6 seconds

  • color:black,white,transparent

  • specification: 5ml,10ml

  • customized packaging


1.The more humid is your room, the more unstable is your glue and it thickens on the jade stone. Therefore, you will need more drops of glue for your application or your touch-up.  Your room should have a temperature between 21°C and 23°C, and ideally, humidity between 30% and 55%. The technicians that have their cabin in a hair salon is subject to higher humidity (hair dryer, water, etc.), even if they have an enclosed space with air condition during winter and summer.

2. Choose an adhesive that suits your environment
The more the glue contains pigments, the more it’s sensitive to humidity.

3. Use a protective film
To extend the life of your drop of glue, use a protective film on the jade stone. The film will cut the humidity that may be on it. Place the drop of glue on the jade stone to obtain a dome of at least a diameter of 8 mm. When dipping the eyelash extension into the glue, be careful not to undo the shape of your drop and avoid touching the jade stone to not lose the drop attached to the base of the extension.

4. Keep your glue fresh
When not in use, keep your bottle of glue closed in a dry, cool place (preferably in the refrigerator) in an upright position to keep it as long as possible. Never leave it in the car to the risk of freezing during the winter, or conversely, to overheat in the summer!

So ladies, take out your tweezers and have a good day!

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