Problems Encountered By Customers In The Procurement Process

Problems Encountered By Customers In The Procurement Process

Question 1:What are the prices for each eyelash?

dear,our different lashes have different prices,so i will send you the catalog  you choice



Question 2:What are the most popular eyelashes?

dear,our best selling lashes for 16mm/20mm/22mm/25mm ,they all hot sale,so you can tell me which styles you like,the natural or dramatic?i will introduce your favorite styles.



Question 3:Am i able suit any eyelash that i want?

dear,the ETUDE eyelashes are made of Siberian mink eyelashes, which are very soft, and every one of our styles is very easy to wear and very beautiful to wear, so please don’t worry.



Question 4: Can i create my own logo and sent that to you and it will be created on the box i prefer?

dear,we have professional design team,we can put your logo on the boxes and let you check after received your order payment.So don’t worry, until you accept we will produce.



Question 5:what is the lashes MOQ(minimum order quality)?Can i get some samples?

dear,the lashes MOQ is 10 pairs,but you also do some samples to check our lashes quality like 2 pairs and 3 pairs.



Question 6:what is the catalog packaging boxes’MOQ  and can i custom the boxes?

dear,our the catalog packaging boxes MOQ only 30 pcs and all cases with your logo!!!We also can custom the boxes for you ,the MOQ is 100 pcs,and all boxes with your logo.




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