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Can Siberian Mink Lashes Ruin Your Eyes?

2018wholesale 3d mink lashes custom eyelash packaging 100% real mink lashes private label mink eyelashes
2018wholesale 3d mink lashes custom eyelash packaging 100% real mink lashes private label mink eyelashes

Many beautiful girl wear false eyelashes every day in order to make their eyes bigger and more intelligent. However, there are many hidden dangers behind the beauty.

Do you understand that serious problems can affect the health of the eyes? The classification of siberian mink lashes is mainly divided into manual eyelashes, semi-handmade eyelashes, machine-made eyelashes. According to their use, they are mainly divided into: doll eyelashes, film and television eyelashes, emulation eyelashes, personality eyelashes. According to material, they are mainly divided into: fiber eyelashes, Real person hair eyelash, animal eyelash, feather eyelash.

The style siberian mink lashes of false eyelash is divided into European and American and Japanese, The characteristic of European and American department is concentration, suitable for eye outline prominent, or want to create stage effect girl use; In fact, the Japanese are mostly produced in Taiwan, the effect is more natural, suitable for oriental eye shape. In terms of price, high price and cheap is not the only difference between quality, if you are careless.

The cheap siberian mink lashes are more suitable for you. If you are a receptionist, expensive eyelashes are also well worth investing in. If you want to buy art lashes, you must buy brand ones, which will not have the impression of being cheap. Choose natural ones as much as possible in your daily life.

And when you go to a theme party or a big dinner party, you can think about it. Zhang’s highly artistic siberian mink lashes, such as those with a water drill or feather shape, can be used as party decorations in limited edition. Can also be used as a collection. Also can use two sets of different false eyelashes to create a brand new shape. Often with will destroy the eyes? N false eyelash practical common sense long-term wear siberian mink lashes harm 1: cause true eyelash to fall off. Because of individual eyelash condition reason, some person eyelash is very easy to fall off.

If wear false eyelash for a long time. Easy to cause eyelash to fall off further. Harm two: weaken the defensive function of eyelash. Wear too long too thick false eyelash for a long time can also reduce the protective function of eyelash. Originally eyelid should The instant response, but because of false eyelashes too heavy will delay the reaction time, but experts pointed out that people often wear false eyelashes easily squinting, eye discomfort.

Harm three: cause eye irritation. Long wearing false eyelashes, eyelash itself may affect the cleanliness. There are a lot of eyelash root ministry of sweat glands and sebaceous glands. If false eyelashes long hair hole long time false eyelashes easily blocked pores affect perspiration. If false eyelashes itself is not clean, more easy to plug the pores, may also make the hair follicle infection, cause folliculitis or suppurative folliculitis.

Private label custom package mink False eyelashes 3D Mink Lashes
Private label custom package mink False eyelashes 3D Mink Lashes

How to choose the right to make false eyelashes false eyelashes and eyelashes rubbing in itself When looking natural, you should choose dark brown or black for Asian women. When choosing false eyelashes, use false eyelashes that are shorter than your eyelids, because false eyelashes don’t have to stick all the way from the eye to the end.

Should leave a little empty in the eye head, do so more natural. The person’s eyelash is not common in the first place, the length is not even, the eye head, the eye tail is different, used the false eyelash of long suddenly, everybody will feel unaccustomed. Feeling is not true. Round-eyed person uses cotton wool to make eyelash, the person that eyelid thick needs adjustment is to use nylon make eyelash.

False eyelash how to maintain false eyelash although fine and exquisite, but very fragile. So want very Attention, do:

1. Take out from the box, along the direction of the eyelashes, gently take out with your fingers; Remove from eyelid, want to hold the right of false eyelash to pull down quickly, avoid pulling two or three hairs to pull down.

2. Use siberian mink lashes to remove the adhesive glue completely above. Take care not to stick eye shadow powder, eyelash oil, etc to false eyelashes, or they will get dirty. Destroy false eyelashes.

3. Clean false eyelashes with special makeup removal water. Rub false eyelashes with makeup cotton.

Start from the root and then the front part. Make sure to be light. Otherwise, you can’t recycle it. How to do it right? Wearing false eyelashes just bought false eyelashes too beautiful, will give people feel very unnatural, so not directly paste, must be properly pruned. When pruning. The false eyelashes of two eyes must be thick, thin and dense. You can cut a false eyelash in half and stick it to the part you want to strengthen, such as the corner of the outer eye, the center of the eye ciliary, etc. When you stick the false eyelash. Should put a little adhesive on the edge of false eyelash, because both ends are easy to fall off, dosage should be a little more. Glue does not stick to false eyelashes.

Then apply a layer of mascara along your eyelashes. Adhesive adhesive is the strongest when it is drying, after about 5 seconds, when the adhesive is dried quickly Please wait , bend the false eyelash , make it soft . Then , look in the mirror , adjust the angle of the false eyelash , gently press the false eyelash along the eyelash root . Use the hand to press approx . 10 seconds to make the false eyelash completely kneaded . The following is a wide range of content : the heart of beauty , everyone has it .

The best MM to be allowed to wear false eyelashes every day . But after the back of the beauty , there is a permit , which may affect the health of the eyes . Do you know about it ? The classification of false eyelashes is mainly divided into manual eyelashes , semi – manual eyelashes , and machine eyelashes . By Use is mainly divided into : Publish According to the material mainly divided into: fiber eyelashes, real people eyelashes, animal eyelashes, feather eyelashes.

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