Summary of customer questions in July

Summary of customer questions in July


How much are your eyelashes?

A: honey, we have different prices for different eyelashes, because our eyelashes are 100% handmade Siberian mink eyelashes and they cost different lengths


2. Does the price of the box include eyelashes?

A: dear, please check the quotation carefully after we quote the box price. If you buy the eyelashes at the same time, I can calculate the price of eyelashes for you again and ship them with the box, so you don’t have to pay the freight again


3. How much are your eyelashes?

Answer: dear, our eyelash minimum order quantity is 10 pairs, so our quotation is generally quoted by the price of 10 pairs, because the shipping cost of $25 to buy a pair of eyelashes is not cost-effective, if you do not mind also can buy a pair of eyelashes, our customers are generally sold by 10 pairs, relatively speaking is more affordable.


4. Why did the salesman ask me about the budget?

Answer: dear, the salesman will give you a most reasonable plan according to your budget, choose a most suitable plan for you, let your eyelash business become better and better



5. Why has the delivery status not been updated?

Dear, after our express delivery, the logistics update will be slow. We will choose the fastest and best express to you, and the delivery time will be about 3-5 days.


6.I just started my eyelash business. What should I do?

A: dear, we have made the bestselling eyelash combination of each style as the sample bag, you can buy the right sample bag, we sell dozens of sample bags every day, it is very popular


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