Talk about our new eyelash box(one)

Talk about our new eyelash box(one)

Eyelash season is here

Recently, we have launched several special boxes. With the hard work of several designers of our brand, we have launched several boxes with different themes. No matter how high your requirements are, there is always one that meets your requirements in our boxes.

These boxes are very special and beautiful. The American little sister in our office likes these boxes so much that she is reluctant to put them down

Let’s get started

eyelashes packaging box

This one is themed with the blue sea. When you see this box, it has a kind of dream, just like you are at the beach of Hawaii, feeling the beautiful and vast sea with sparkling light

eyelash packaging

This box is themed with a planet and has Saturn’s rings. It is very special and has an addictive feeling

eyelash packaging

This kind of box is rock themed with granite patterns. It is a very three-dimensional and profound box.

This box is one of our favorite boxes. It is very beautiful with the theme of aurora Norway. You can see the light green lightning splitting cracks in the black background box

This is the end of the introduction of new boxes. We will continue next time>>>>>


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