Where can I find the eyelash box?

Where can I find the eyelash box?

The best way to find an wholesale custom eyelash box is to ask the eyelash vendorsr for help. Therefore, you can order eyelash boxes together. Why?

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eyelash packaging vendor

eyelash packaging vendor

First, they can add eyelashes to your box.

Otherwise, you must add the eyelashes yourself, if you order them separately, you must do it yourself.If you order in bulk, it will take too much time and effort.As you know, time is money, if you order the eyelash box and eyelashes together, it will save money.wholesale custom eyelash box

wholesale custom eyelash box

Second, save transportation costs.

If you ship your eyelashes together with a custom box, you can save shipping costs.Normally, your eyelash supplier will put the eyelashes in the box for you, which can save volume, so the shipping cost will be cheaper than the eyelashes shipped with other suppliers. private label lash boxes

private label lash boxes

 who provides eyelash packaging?

There are two eyelash packaging vendors on the market:

First, the eyelash packaging factory.

If you order in bulk, you can find eyelash packaging factories, which will produce them for you at a competitive wholesale price.

eyelash packaging boxes factory

eyelash packaging boxes factory

Second, the eyelash factory.

Your eyelash supplier can make eyelash packaging boxes for you, and then only focus on eyelashes and eyelash packaging.You can order their eyelashes with them. If you order these boxes, it will be a budget. They can put your eyelashes in the box for you.eyelash packaging boxes

eyelash packaging boxes

Especially when ordering in bulk, they should be ordered together. But one more thing, if your box is large-capacity honey, then you should consider the transportation cost,There are also some boxes, you cannot add eyelashes to the box with the same shipping cost.

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