Why Are Customers Willing To Wear High-Quality Eyelashes Even At A High Price?

Why Are Customers Willing To Wear High-Quality Eyelashes Even At A High Price?

As one of the largest eyelash vendors and eyelash manufacturers in the world, Qingdao Etude eyelashes choose 100% Siberian mink, without any impurities, full of intelligence. ETUDE  wholesale mink eyelashes realistic natural, fine workmanship, elegant style. You can change the mane depending on the occasion and your makeup, or natural.

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We do 16/20/22/25mm mink lashes,3D mink lashes.

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Although the wholesale price of mink eyelashes is relatively high,but your  can sales price is relatively high, so the profit is relatively high, they can win more customers for you, improve your brand influence.Because the lashes are great quality.They think they need to buy a lot of pairs of bad eyelashes to use more than once, but not if they buy high quality lashes because a pair can be used more than once

You can reuse it 20-25 times.

Consumers are looking for high-quality eyelashes and they are not afraid to spend money.

What they really want is high quality products.Because they’re more cost-effective

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25mm mink lashes

Today, the problem with customers who Wholesale Mink Lashes is that the quality of a large number of goods and samples is severely unstable.

Provide customers with good samples, while the quality of large items is uneven. The delivery date is unstable. The customer announces The eyelashes after the delivery date is guaranteed. However, the delivery cannot be delivered on time and the customer is lost.


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