Why Can Our Eyelashes Be Used 15-20 Times?

Why Can Our Eyelashes Be Used 15-20 Times?

Mink eyelashes have become a luxury and must-have beauty product for many women on many occasions.In the past few decades, this particular product has swept the fashion world and become a huge success across the industry, from entertainment celebrities to YouTube bloggers, wearing false eyelashes.

Nowadays, the eyelash market is getting bigger and bigger, and all kinds of eyelashes are emerging in endlessly. Some are of good quality, while others are of poor quality. It is very important for eyelash vendor to choose a good seller

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As one of the largest eyelash suppliers in China, ETUDE lashes helped many eyelash sellers start their eyelash business and earn money!You want to know why.

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First of all, as a buyer, quality is the key to keep your brand going.This is not only for eyelashes, for all walks of life quality is a stepping stone, is the key to let your brand go!If you are greedy for cheap prices and buy some 25mm mink lashes of poor quality, you may sell your eyelashes at the beginning, but your brand can’t go on, customers may buy your eyelashes once, if the quality is not good, will they buy your eyelashes again?Of course not!

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To make your brand last for a long time, you must choose high quality mink eyelash vendors, choose high quality eyelashes, and make your eyelash business more and more big, please remember, the key to retain customers is quality!

Our mink eyelashes are very durable, we recommend wearing them 20-25 times, and if they get dirty during use, they can be washed with water, then dried with a hair dryer and used again. The 3D effect is still as good as before

Siberian mink eyelashes are used for eyelashes, which can be used for 25 to 30 times. If you want to start eyelash business, I can give you some Suggestions. If you want to buy eyelashes, please choose ETUDE lashes to provide you with high-quality mink eyelashes.

ETUDE lashes help many customer started their eyelash line,their business was getting better and better, and they sold out every time they bought.if you have any question,please contact me!

It’s Etude lashes. You’re worth it!


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