Why do some people do so well in business?

Why do some people do so well in business?

Why do some entrepreneurs have bigger businesses?On the contrary, some entrepreneurs actually make their business smaller and smaller. Why do the same efforts get different results?We will answer you: because you chose the wrong product at the beginning, so no amount of efforts can be successful. Eyelashes are a brand product, and customers have customized their own LOGO packaging box, but how can the product quality be poor to form a brand?Even if you have more customer groups, product quality is not good, your customer groups, no matter how many, will not buy from you again, and will not recommend to others to buy your eyelash products.

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Instead, if you buy good quality eyelash products your customer base is not much, but you start to sell to a person, first of all, the man will buy again, the second this person might also introduce three people to buy your eyelash, the eyelash business is also very simple to do it, viral marketing is to do so, but viral marketing really need is a good product, a good brand not good quality product is impossible.


If you really want to be a brand, you have to choose good quality mink hair, if you just want to choose the cheapest product, you have to be a brand, I suggest you don’t waste your time, because 99% will fail!If you still want to do it, you can only waste your own money and time, which is our sincere advice, because we encountered too many customers this kind of thing.I hope you can make a good preparation, thinking, market research, product investigation and product experience before you decide to wholesale mink hair.

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Why not wholesale cheap eyelash products (low quality products?

1. The quality of the sample eyelashes you bought for the first time may be different from that of the products you bought in bulk later.

2. The eyelash styles you buy may be very different from those you buy in bulk.

3. You buy cheap eyelash pedicle very hard, your customer wears it like wearing a wire, believe that he will not buy your product again

4. The eyelashes you bought are asymmetric. Because of the low price, the supplier will not pick out the defective eyelashes and sell them to you together with the genuine ones.

5. The hair tips of eyelashes you bought are not consistent with the hair roots, so it is not beautiful to wear!

6. The lashes you bought will lose their hair because they are made of commercially available glue

7. The eyelashes you bought have a chemical smell, which is the smell of perm, which can cause cancer

8. The products you bought are made by manual and semi-automatic machines, and more than 100 pairs can be made a day. Our product workers can only make 10 pairs a day by pure manual work.

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As an old Chinese saying goes, all things are difficult at the beginning. If you insist on it, it will be more and more. I hope everyone’s eyelash business can become very good!

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