Why do we provide cheap but reasonable wholesale price of mink eyelashes?

Why do we provide cheap but reasonable wholesale price of mink eyelashes?

We provide cheap but reasonable competitive wholesale prices. Because we are an handmade mink eyelashes factory, if you order in bulk from us, we can give you a good wholesale price.

 handmade mink eyelashes factory

handmade mink eyelashes factory

On the 1st, we are a wholesale supplier of eyelashes USA

Our luxury false eyelashes factory is located in China. Therefore, we can provide you with competitive wholesale and ex-factory prices.

Wholesale Lash Vendors

handmade mink eyelashes factory

2 times designed by our own designer

You will love our unique design eyelashes, which are the best mink eyelashes on the market.

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 unique design eyelashes

3 times produced by our own skilled workers

All our skilled workers are artists from our local town. They have produced eyelashes for more than ten years.

wholesale mink eyelash vendors

the best mink eyelashes

4 Reasonable wholesale prices.

We provide our customers with competitive and cheap wholesale prices, we will not get too much profit from our business,We hope our partners can get more profits from the business.So we will get more and more customers in the market, which is what we want, so more and more women can buy real hand-made mink eyelashes in the market.

natural mink eyelashes factory

real hand-made mink eyelashes

Therefore, if you want to place an order immediately, please add whatsapp to get the most competitive wholesale price.You only need to tell us which style of eyelashes and boxes you prefer, and how many you want to order, and we will check the details for you immediately. If you have any questions, please feel free to add whatsapp.

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