Why Our 25mm Mink Lashes Can reuse 35 Times ?

Why Our 25mm Mink Lashes Can reuse 35 Times ?

Why Our 25mm Mink Lashes Can reuse 35 Times ?

In fact, for an individual purchaser, it is not difficult to buy a mink eyelash.

The biggest difficulty is how can you buy high-quality eyelashes that are really suitable for you, which plays a very important role in your eyes and physical and mental health.

3D mink lashes

For a wholesale mink eyelash, wholesale eyelashes is not difficult, difficult is how can you find a good mink lash vendor, and provide you with high quality mink eyelash, this is very important, if you are always the wholesale, cheap price, quality is bad your eyelashes, your sales job can be simple to do it, but after you will be very difficult to do it, you will meet a lot of return, you will lose a lot of customers, you will lose faith in your eyelash business, please keep in mind that do eyelashes business if always doing new customers, there is no old customers you never succeed!

Our 25mm 3D mink hair is 4-8 layers, which makes it look thicker, fuller and more 3D.

Our 25mm mink eyelashes are very durable, we recommend wearing them 30-35 times, and if they get dirty during use, they can be washed with water, then dried with a hair dryer and used again. The 3D effect is still as good as before.

Our eyelashes are 25mm length and are very popular in the market!

If you are looking for more dramatic look, then you will like our large mink eyelashes. It looks very plump.

As a manufacturer, we hope to bring you more styles.Let your customers wear daily to create an eye style!Different styles make you feel different every day.

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